Junior Aikido Instructor

Utku Havuç

Utku Havuç was born in Çorlu in 1986. He graduated from METU Economics Department in 2009. He is currently studying at the Ph.D. program in METU Science and Technology Policy Research. Also, he is a research assistant at the Institute of Social Sciences. He started to practice martial arts in METU Aikido Society in 2006. He was the chairman of the Society between 2009 and 2011. He holds the 4th dan degree from Nebi Vural Sensei. He follows Nebi Vural by participating in his domestic and foreign seminars. Utku Havuç is a member of Board of Directors of Aikido and Budo Federation and he is in charge of the Ankara organization of this Federation. Apart from Aikido, he has been learning Pilates, Argentine tango, and modern dance.