Eurasia Aikido

  • 17 August 2017

Written by  Eric GROUSILLIAT

Eurasia Aikido Organisation(EAO), which follows Nobuyoshi Tamura Sensei’s teaching, is a growing group day by day under the leadership of Nebi Vural, who is one of the closest students of Nobuyoshi Tamura Sensei. In a previous article of mine, through this website again, I had the opportunity to share my positive thoughts about Nebi’s Aikido practicing with you by mentioning his name. Undoubtedly, if I lived in Europe, he would be one of the people I would like to follow on a regular basis.

These days in which the EAO web page,, is getting a new look, I have the chance once again to make mention of Nebi’s flexible practice, which brings to mind Tamura Sensei’s practice, and which leaves its mark. My encounter with Nebi that coincided in a seminar held in a region of Paris, is still fresh in my memory. That day, during a tanto training, I guess, I had the chance to match with him to practice together. Much as it was painful, his character as much as his technique left its mark on me.


Later on, when I had taken to attend the seminars that Tamura Sensei had organized throughout France, I noticed that Nebi had been at almost all those seminars. By being attentive to his master, he had been carrying Sensei’s weapon bag, until he delivered it to the person who is responsible for setting bokken, jo, and tanto on their places on the kamiza. In this order that I described, there was no tinge of unconscionable exactingness. The sole sense that was had was the conception of diligence that is at the heart of the master-disciple relationship, which exists in Budo.

If you have a little acquaintance with Tamura Sensei’s Aikido practices, you do not have any difficulty understanding the importance of weapons training in the work system of Eurasia Aikido. Moreover, it seems to me that Nebi has a particular interest in knife training, which he does by combining various technique derivatives and classic techniques aimed at disarming the attacker, which are painful as well as being effective.

Nebi Vural, who has become entirely independent since Tamura Sensei’s passing, from that day on, takes place on the top of one of the most important Aikido groups that gathers together people from very different perspectives. I could tell more memories of me with Nebi here. Still, it would be best for you to discover this personality and his exercises in person by attending the seminars he is organizing in France and various countries of the world, such as Germany, Ukraine, Turkey, Azerbaijan, and so on.



(This article was first translated from French to Turkish by Sevkan Sarısaltıkoğlu, then it was translated into English by Çağdaş Kılıç from METU Aikido Society.)

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