New Registrations

Summer term registration has started on 1st July 2019 and will go on during these two weeks, until 12th July 2019. People who want to participate in training can come to the first training with sports clothes and slippers.

From 2018 summer term, due to METU Office of Sports’ decision, we can no longer accept new guest registrations.

Registrations will be done individually to METU Office of Sports according to the announcement of METU Office of Sports.

Documents required for Registration:

  • 1- Online Registration Form (Click to fill the form.) (It is enough to fill the form just once.)
  • 2- 1  photo
  • 3- Application Form (Click to download the form)
  • 3- Photocopy of ID
    • i. METU Student, Copy of Student ID
    • ii. METU Staff, Copy of Staff ID
    • iii. METU Graduate, Copy of Graduate ID
  • 4- Bank Card (Payments will be made to Office of Sports during registrations. The payments which will be made by only bank cards. Fees are quarterly.)
    • i. METU Student : 60 TL
    • ii. METU Staff : 95 TL
    • iii.METU Graduate : 180 TL
    • iv.Guest            : 200 TL (It is valid for registered guests in previous semesters and no new guest registration is possible.)


You can ask your questions about registration to us via or page.