Aikido in METU

METU Aikido Dojo was founded by Barış Şentuna in 2001. The Dojo institutionalized with his coaching and labors is continuing its activities as a community in METU. Also, the Junior Aikido group, ongoing for more than 10 years within METU Dojo, is now being practiced in KATSU Dojo, coached by our trainer. METU Aikido Society with more than 100 active members, is one of the biggest dojos, and this community follows the Aikido style and principles of Tamura Shihan and his student, Nebi Vural Sensei, in its activities. It continues to work under Eurasia Aikido Organization and Aikido and Budo Federation.

METU Aikido Society organizes two international seminars in December and May during five days and a summer camp during the first week of August. More than 250 Aikidoka coming from all Turkey are practicing Aikido with Nebi Vural’s training.

In addition, METU Aikido Society is the host of the International Aikido Festival, arranged in 2011 firstly. Trainers from 11 different countries (France, Portuguese, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Tunisian, Lebanon, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Finland, Azerbaijan) participate in this festival which is organized with Eurasia Aikido Organization (EAO), Aikido and Budo Federation (ABF), International Police Association (IPA) and Bilkent University. In this festival, trainers give lessons and on the last day of this festival there is a demonstration includes all countries’ Aikido groups. The International Aikido Festival which will be organized in the coming years at METU aims to be one of the biggest Aikido organization of Europe.

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