About Junior Aikido

Aikido is described as the path of harmony and energy in many sources in Turkish. To maintain a life with harmony with the energy of the universe is aimed. Because of this, there should be either physical or mental maturity.

Aikido is a martial art to reach this maturity.

Aikido training which is started in childhood helps physical improvement, and fasten social and psychological improvement. Respect, cooperation and harmony, the main factors of life, and self-confidence, patience, and self-discipline, reasons of social and academic achievements, are the key elements of Aikido practicing. The sooner people assimilate these features, the faster they achieve, and this achievement is permanent.

There is no match in Aikido. People practising Aikido do not see anyone as an opponent when there is a conflict; on the contrary, they try to move away from the conflict by acting in harmony with the opponents. They focus on discovering their own deficiencies and improving themselves instead of trying to change the other people who contribute the conflict. This changes our perception of competition, so we can maintain our lives more balanced and peaceful.

Aikido training was started in 2001 in METU. Junior Aikido has been trained since 2006. Training is for 8-16 year-old children. Large age range is an advantage for Aikido training.

Our training begins with 5-10 minute-warmup which is appropriate to sports science. Then, there are 10-15 minutes of exercises providing control and power. After that, 25-30 minute Aikido techniques are practiced. Finally, exercises of elasticity and breathing are practiced during last 5-10 minutes. In this process, acting conveniently to Aikido label and discipline are cared and psychological development is emphasized.

Registrations and training are continuing all the year round. Junior Aikido training started by Barıs Sentuna between 2006-2011 are given by Gulsah Gulen. Now, Utku Havuc is the trainer of Junior Aikido.

You can visit the Junior Aikido Registration page for detailed information about registrations