New Registrations

Fall semester registration has started and will go on until 21st October 2022. People who want to participate in training can come to the first training on 10,10,2022, with sports clothes and slippers.

From 2018 summer term, due to METU Office of Sports’ decision, we can no longer accept new guest registrations.

Registrations will be done by society. Documents will be collected in full and delivered to the person in charge at dojo in a file.

Documents required for Registration:

  • 1- Online Registration Form (Click to fill the form.) (It is enough to fill the form just once.)
  • 2- 1  photo
  • 3- Application Form (Click to download the form)
  • 4- Bank Card (Payments will be made to the responsible person at dojo until 21st October 2022 . Fees are quarterly.)
    • i. METU Student : 360 TL
    • ii. METU Staff : 600 TL
    • iii.METU Graduate : 1000 TL
    • iv.Guest            : 1200 TL (It is valid for registered guests in previous semesters and no new guest registration is possible.)

Documents required for License

 You can deliver the required documents for the license to the person in charge at dojo within a separate file.

First time license:

  • 1-  Registration Slip  (Click to download the form) (The registration receipt should be a single page, not duplexed, A4. Instead of the club name “individual” must be written. If you are more than 18 years of age, only the athlete’s signature is sufficient and the parent on the side page can be left blank. There is a passport information section for foreigners in the form. If you have a residence permit, there is a TC number starting with 99. It must be filled in the computer, then print out.)
  • 2- Health report (Click to download it in .pdf format) (The date of the report, ICD DIAGNOSIS sections should be left blank. It would be signed and sealed by the Medico or family physician.)
  • 3- 2 photo

Renewal of license :


You can ask your questions about registration to us via or page.