Whenever a decision is made to educate and train for a substantial subject, it is necessary to be acquainted with the history of the issue and its source to be able to understand that subject and to achieve the goal.

To start to work on all the arts of war (the arts of discipline) originating in Japan, which is BUDO, begins with learning about and understanding their origins. Methods to be applied to achieve the aim are hidden in the concepts of East(orient) and West(occident).

If one has difficulty in understanding these concepts, the avenue will be far-off and tough for those who start or want to start Aikido or Budo, and for those who love it and want to master it by scrutinizing. Maybe, despite all the efforts they devoted, they cannot attain the goal.

Aikido is currently developing, and the number of people who are either practicing or saying that he/she is practicing Aikido is increasing. In this regard, careful attention must be paid to educator and trainer selection, especially in the past couple of years, and to the subject of educator and trainer, which you frequently call them "MASTER-TEACHER" or "SENSEI." Before going into technical details, let yourself revert to the time you started AIKIDO. Imagine that you are beginning AIKIDO today.  ... More