Aikido in METU

METU Aikido Society was founded in 2001 as a student community in METU. METU Aikido Society, one of the largest dojos in Turkey, has more than 200 active members and with the Junior Aikido group, following the school of Tamura Shihan and his student Nebi Vural Sensei in their work.

METU Aikido Society, the project partner of Erasmus+ and arranging the International Aikido Festival is one of most esteemed Aikido communities in Turkey and world.

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5 Oct

2018 Fall Term Training Hours

Training Hours Grown-up Aikido Monday: 19.00 – 20.30 (for ... More
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I call on to those who will take and follow the path of Aikido:

Aikido is not about guiding others along the right path, it’s about guiding yourself.

-Morihei Ueshiba


The Bushi has the courage to strike anyone, anything, any time,

anywhere, anyone evil or himself.

-Nobuyoshi Tamura


Our family is growing each day, We are stronger together.